UW Time Schedule archive now available online

In August, 2009, the Office of the Uni­ver­sity Reg­is­trar (OUR) posted on this blog an archivist intern­ship posi­tion. Back in May, 2010, the OUR announced that intern’s first project: the UW Gen­eral Cat­a­log archive. Today, we are happy to announce the pub­li­ca­tion of another archiv­ing project: the quar­terly Time Sched­ule archive.

What’s included?

The archive con­tains copies of the UW’s quar­terly Time Sched­ules from the pre­vi­ous quar­ter, back through autumn quar­ter, 1968. From that date through sum­mer quar­ter, 2002, the Time Sched­ules are avail­able as search­able PDF doc­u­ments scanned from the printed edi­tions. After that date, the Time Sched­ule became an online-only pub­li­ca­tion and links to those quar­ters’ edi­tions are pre­sented as web archives.

Each scanned edi­tion is in PDF for­mat so it is view­able by any com­puter, and range in file size from 2–24 Mb (though the major­ity are about 15 Mb). Page num­bers and file size are listed for scanned edi­tions. Because they were scanned from orig­i­nal doc­u­ments, they retain the charm of actual printed pages; some have hand-written notes or dog-eared pages. Luck­ily, optical-character recog­ni­tion (OCR) soft­ware is good enough to rec­og­nize the words on the page so that each file is search­able. Just enter a word(s) in the search field your PDF software.

Some edi­tions were unavail­able for scan­ning and are note included in this archive. Miss­ing edi­tions are dis­played in gray. If you have a copy of a a miss­ing Time Sched­ule that you’d like to con­tribute to the archive, please let us know.

Why is it important?

Pro­vid­ing these quar­ter Time Sched­ules to the pub­lic in an easily-searchable for­mat has many ben­e­fits to the Uni­ver­sity. Most of the ben­e­fits of pub­lish­ing the archive of Gen­eral Cat­a­logs apply to Time Sched­ules as well. In addi­tion, this archive:

  • Allows alumni to deter­mine the loca­tion and instruc­tor of courses they took, infor­ma­tion that is not included on their offi­cial Uni­ver­sity transcript.
  • Pro­vides a record of admin­is­tra­tion and reg­is­tra­tion pro­ce­dures for that quarter.

A few words of thanks

The OUR would again like to thank those who made this project possible:

  • Intern Talea Ander­son, UW MLIS grad­u­ate stu­dent — Talea worked closely with the OUR’s Time Sched­ule office and the UW Libraries to scan and dig­i­tize the Time Sched­ules; and
  • Anne Gra­ham with the UW Libraries’ Dig­i­tal Ini­tia­tives Pro­gram — Anne and her group pro­vided the hard­ware to pre­pare and scan the Time Sched­ules for posting.

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