UWeek showcases the hard work performed by the Room Assignment and Time Schedule Office

The Octo­ber 28th, 2010 Issue of UWeek pub­lished an arti­cle after inter­view­ing Matt Winslow, Act­ing Asso­ciate Reg­is­trar of the Room Assign­ment and Time Sched­ule Office.  The arti­cle illus­trates the chal­lenges faced by the Time Sched­ule Office each quar­ter to assign rooms and meet the needs of many, while max­i­miz­ing the best use of limited-space.

Every quar­ter, Winslow’s office jug­gles fac­tors of time, day, loca­tion and more to match classes and rooms with the least amount of fac­ulty incon­ve­nience and wasted time and space. They are assisted by the Class­room Sup­port Ser­vices Office, which sees to class­room tech­ni­cal needs and longer-range planning.

Learn more about the Room Assign­ment and Time Sched­ule Office and the process for assign­ing class­rooms in the full UWeek arti­cle.

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