Confused about directory release information?

A recent seg­ment on KOMO news has cre­ated some con­fu­sion regard­ing the release of direc­tory infor­ma­tion via the UW’s iPhone app.

As always, the UW is in com­pli­ance with fed­eral reg­u­la­tions regard­ing what stu­dent infor­ma­tion it does and does not release. Stu­dents are allowed to des­ig­nate whether they want to allow a spe­cific set of their infor­ma­tion to be made pub­lic or not. The iPhone app uses a small sub­set of that infor­ma­tion and releases it only for those stu­dents who have des­ig­nated that they are will­ing to let the UW release that information.

More infor­ma­tion on the Fed­eral Edu­ca­tion Right to Pri­vacy Act (FERPA) is avail­able at, which also con­tains links to MyUW, where stu­dents can change their FERPA release flag.

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