Anywhere Polling

Anywhere Polling is a feature of Turningpoint. With Anywhere Polling, no special polling slides are required. Instead, a standard slide is used to display the question and list of possible answers.

Students use their laptop, tablet or phone to vote. When they vote, students choose from a generic lettered list (A,B,C, etc.). The questions and answer details do not appear on their device, so the slide displaying the question should remain on the screen during voting.

Turningpoint has video guides here:

To get started with Anywhere Polling

  1. If you do not have an account, create an account at You can also reset your password at
  2. Download Turningpoint Cloud from this address:
  3. Before class, in Powerpoint, add poll questions to your slides. Add both questions and answer options (multiple choice) to standard slides. Special polling slides are not required with Anywhere Polling.
  4. When class begins, open Turningpoint on your computer and log on with your UW email address and Turning password. To set Turningpoint for anonymous polling, see the steps below.
  5. In the Turningpoint dashboard, click Anywhere Polling. This will display the Anywhere Polling tool bar on top of your windows.
  6. In the polling toolbar, under the green arrow, click the gear icon, and then select Responseware > Start session. This will provide you a session ID number. Ask students to visit, log on and enter the session ID number.
  7. Open your Powerpoint slides.
  8. When you are ready to pose a polling question, click the white and green Down arrow in the polling tool bar. Select the number of possible answers (multiple choice question style).
  9. The students’ web browser will display a list of clickable lettered answers. When a student clicks on an answer, it will be counted in the Anywhere Polling tool bar on your computer.
  10. To end the poll question and display the responses, click the green and white square Stop icon.
  11. For the next question, repeat from step 7.

To make polls anonymous:

  1. Start Turningpoint Cloud and log on.
  2. Click on “Responseware: Click to Connect” (upper right).
  3. When the Responseware box opens, click Session Options.
  4. Select the Don’t Show option for First Name, Last Name, User ID and Email.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Students will need to log on to respond to the poll, but their log on information will not be saved.

More about Anywhere Polling: