UW School of Medicine III Requirement

For Faculty

Faculty mentors guide students during their III project work, and thus play an integral role in the III program. This page provides information for faculty mentoring students conducting Selective 1 or 2 research.

Faculty advisors should be:

  • Interested in the topic (though not necessarily expert in it)
  • Available to the student through phone, email, and scheduled meetings

The ideal faculty advisor will also be:

  • A role model for the qualities the student seeks to emulate
  • Enthusiastic about working with the student
  • Experienced with the clinical problem, scientific question, or policy issue the student will be studying
  • Someone with skills and knowledge that complement those that the student brings to the project

In addition to guiding the student through her/his project over a nine-week period in the summer, faculty participation includes providing a sponsor statement to be inserted on the student’s proposal; advising and guiding the student on how to obtain all required IRB approvals; review and evaluation of the final poster and/or paper; and submitting an evaluation upon completion of the research.

Faculty can learn more at the following links: