UW School of Medicine III Requirement

Selective 1-MSRTP

The Medical Student Research Training Program (MSRTP) is a specific type of Selective 1 that provides opportunities for students enrolled at the University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM) to participate in a longitudinal, individually-mentored research experience. This includes a full-time, 9-week summer research project between the first and second years that counts towards fulfillment of the Independent Investigative Inquiry (III) requirement. Students work under the direct supervision of a UWSOM faculty member with an Assistant Professor, Associate professor, or Professor academic level appointment. There is a competitive application and approval process governed by a selection committee. Participating students are required to present their work at one of the School’s annual poster sessions held throughout the WWAMI regional sites in October/November of the second year.

Students will also be enrolled in a six-credit Research Methods course (6 hours per week) to be taught in summer via distance-learning format and in conjunction with their III summer projects. Students will be eligible for financial aid for their summer living expenses.

Following presentation of their summer research project in Term 3 of Foundations, Selective 1-MSRTP students will continue their research efforts to culminate in publication of their results. For most students, this will require the use of elective time during later phases of the curriculum. Students who successfully complete all requirements of the MSRTP program, including the productivity requirement, will earn the MSRTP distinction and will be authorized by UWSOM to include this accomplishment on their ERAS Residency applications. The productivity requirement can be fulfilled through one of three options:

  1. Regional/national meeting presentation
  2. Peer-reviewed ready publication, or
  3. Published abstract

In order to continue in the MSRTP program after completion of the Selective 1-MSRTP III requirement, students must submit a research plan, timeline, and budget in January 2019.

Research projects can be in any of the following categories:

  1. Laboratory-based research
  2. Clinical research
  3. Health services research

The Selective 1-MSRTP Application includes details, guidelines, and requirements of the program, as well as the form to complete and submit to Curriculum. Please pay close attention to Institutional Review Board (IRB) guidance and instructions. Your faculty mentor must provide a support statement and sign the application. Be sure to allow enough time to complete all components of the application before the due date. The application is due by January 10, so be aware that many faculty are away from the office and unavailable over the winter break.

For students matriculating in autumn 2017 (E-17s), the MSRTP project timeline is outlined below (NOTE: if you are an E-16 student, please see the Selective 1 & 2 page and the Timelines page for deadlines specific to your entering class). It’s important to closely monitor deadlines for each step in the process, as extensions are rarely granted.

November 13 Faculty Abstracts released to students via an email announcement.
November 27 Deadline for students to email interest statement (including applicable experience and CV) to faculty.
December 4 Deadline for faculty to conduct phone interviews with students.
December 11 Deadline for faculty to notify students selected for research projects.
December 14 Deadline for students to accept/reject faculty offer. If this deadline is missed, the faculty sponsor may make an offer to another student.
January 10 MSRTP applications due. Student submits application including faculty statement and signature. Must be received by January 10.
February 19-23 Students and sponsors (faculty mentors) notified of MSRTP Review Committee decisions.
February 28 Student commitment to MSRTP due.
June — August Students conduct MSRTP projects over 9-week timeframe.
Autumn Students present posters at the poster sessions held throughout the WWAMI sites.
2019-20 MSRTP students submit status reports and finalize research with mentor.
Summer 2020 Peer-reviewed ready publication, regional/national meeting presentation, or a published abstract due. Faculty evaluation of student due from faculty sponsor.

Links to MSRTP materials:

Questions? Please contact Curriculum.