UW School of Medicine III Requirement

Poster Sessions


Students who have completed the following Selective types are required to present at the annual Medical Student Poster Sessions held annually throughout the WWAMI regions in autumn: Selective 1, Selective 1-MSRTP,  Selective 3 (RUOP), Selective 4 (WISH), and Selective 5 (GHIP). Selective 2 students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in the Poster Session.

Poster Sessions occur at each regional site in October or November. Please contact your site administrator for event information. Specific information about creating posters, including specs and payment for printing, will be sent to all students after the summer.

Poster Design

Your poster should be prepared using PowerPoint or a similar tool. The final dimensions of your poster should be 36″ x 24″ and it can be either portrait or landscape orientation.

Poster Content

Posters for Selective 1, Selective 1-MSRTP, Selective 2, and Selective 4 projects:  should include a short introduction and background of your study, the study design and methods used, the results, a brief discussion of the significance of your findings, and a summary/conclusion. Don’t forget to include the title of the project, your name, your sponsor’s name, and the department. Your sponsor should also be able to advise you on these matters. Following are two poster templates, that you may consider using.

  • Poster Template 1 is the simplest format. It includes a description of what to include in each section.
  • Poster Template 2 is a more complex format that describes a hypothetical study.

Posters for Selective 3 and Selective 5 projects: Please follow the guidelines and information provided to you by these programs.

What makes a great poster and what should you avoid?

  • All images and photographs should have a caption and should be related to corresponding content, not just used for filler!
  • Don’t underline headlines since they should already be in bold face
  • Use only one bullet style
  • Be careful when enlarging photos; avoid over-pixelization and graininess; photos should be high quality to start with
  • Spell out acronyms on first usage
  • Gain consent when using photos of people
  • Left align all copy blocks
  • Avoid too much white space
  • Don’t forget to include your name!

Check out these example posters from past years:

  1. Sample RUOP Poster
  2. Sample Selective 1 Poster #1
  3. Sample Selective 1 Poster #2

Poster Printing

Specific instructions about printing posters, including specs and payment, is sent to all students after the summer.