UW School of Medicine Electives

Non-Clinical Electives & Intersessions

Non-Clinical Electives

Students taking courses in the basic sciences curriculum are given the opportunity to pursue electives that can enhance their personal medical education. Special electives offered throughout the University that are relevant to medical education but not involving direct patient care have been approved by the School of Medicine. All UW non-clinical electives run on the regular quarterly academic calendar, which means they may not correspond exactly with other courses in the school of medicine. If you have specific questions, contact somcurr@uw.edu.

Please reference the Non-Clinical Electives Courses page for the current list of offerings and additional information. Distance learning course lists are available on the WWAMI Intersessions and Non-Clinical Electives page.


Intersessions will provide options for our students to engage and enrich their education outside of existing blocks and Foundations of Clinical Medicine activities. Students will have time to explore areas of interest, participate with peers in unique offerings, practice procedures and clinical skills, and learn about scholarship. Intersessions have a variety of structures – didactic, small group, seminar, lab. Intersessions are optional and can provide an opportunity for rest, should a student elect not to take an intersession.

Intersession Dates. Only open to MS2s.

Autumn quarter: December 11-15, 2017

Please reference the Intersession Courses page for the current list of offerings and additional information. Distance learning course lists are available on the WWAMI Intersessions and Non-Clinical Electives page.

2017-2018 Registration Deadlines for Foundations Coursework

This guide is compiled from information found on the University of Washington website. Please consult the UW Academic Calendar page for additional information:

Registration Deadlines 2017-2018 Autumn 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018
Late Registration Fee Begins ($25) for first course added in a quarter. Doesn’t apply if you are already signed up for at least 1 course 9/27/2017 1/3/2018 3/26/2018
Last day to make changes without a $20 FEE AND possible tuition forfeiture 10/3/2017 1/9/2018 4/1/2018
Late Add Period ($20 fee and entry codes required) 10/4/2017-10/17/2017 1/10/2018-1/23/2018 4/2/2018-4/15/2018
Last day to add a course  without completing Late Add Petition* Form 10/17/2017 1/23/2018 4/15/2018
Drop Period 1 ($20 fee and withdrawal statement on transcript) 10/4/2017-10/10/2017 1/10/2018-1/15/2018 4/2/2018-4/6/2018
Drop Period 2 (requires use of Annual Drop*, W grade on transcript and possible tuition forfeiture) If you drop AFTER this period, you may not receive any credit for the course or receive a Fail Grade 10/11/2017-11/14/2017 1/17/2018-2/20/2018 4/9/2018-5/13/2018


*Late Add Petition Form

All students requesting to add a course after the 14th business day of the quarter (see dates in “Last day to add a course without completing Late Add Petition Form” row), must complete this form and return to somreg@uw.edu in order to be registered for the course.

*Annual Drop

Each academic year (September through August) you may drop one course after the 14th calendar day of a quarter, but no later than the end of the Late Course Drop Period. Once this “annual drop” is used, no additional drops will be permitted after the 14th calendar day until the next autumn quarter. A W grade and the week designation (W3 through W7) will follow the course title on your academic transcript. There is a $20 Change of Registration Fee charged for all registration changes made on a single day during this period. A tuition forfeiture may be charged.

*7th Day Drop Exception – applies to intersessions

Any student whose 1st scheduled class meeting is after the 7th calendar day of the quarter and who needs to drop from that class should email the Registration Office by the Sunday following the first class meeting to request the drop without being charged the $20.00 Change of Registration Fee or a W grade. The fee waiver will not happen automatically – you must send the email or stop by the Registration Office, 225 Schmitz Hall, to make the request. See 7th day drop policy for more details.