UW School of Medicine Electives

Seattle Intersession Courses

Autumn 2017 Intersessions

All intersessions are offered the week of December 11-15, 2017.

  • MEDSCI 603: Intro to Hands-On Cardiac Ultrasound (1 credit). SLN: 18536
    • Acquire cardiac ultrasound images at three acoustic windows, identify cardiac anatomy in standard views, and recognize key pathologies: left and right ventricular dysfunction and dilatation and pericardial effusion. Following a course introduction, students will work self-paced, alone or in pairs, on a mannequin-based simulator.
  • MEDSCI 606: Emergency Medicine Point-Of-Care Ultrasound (1 credit). SLN: 18539
    • Introduction to point-of-care ultrasound. This elective will help students become comfortable with using bedside ultrasound by teaching ultrasound machine operation, image acquisition, and providing hands-on training in both simulated and patient care settings. The elective is designed to be interactive and will incorporate classroom didactic, procedure simulation and clinical application.
  • MEDSCI 613: Mind Body Medicine: Mind Body Skills for Medical Students (2 credits). SLN: 18542
    • This seminar course will provide scientific background and foundational self-care skills for stress management through mindfulness and mutual support. Students will be encouraged to develop self-care and related pt care philosophy statement. Includes highly interactive, short didactic sessions, practice with experiential activities, and sharing reflections with group members.

Intersessions that fulfill Pathways requirements

The courses in each section below will fulfill Pathways requirements.

Global Health Pathway

Contact: Susan Graham (faculty advisor), Rachel Lazzar (program manager)

  • MEDSCI 602: Adolescent Health in Low-Resource Settings (1)
  • MEDSCI 612: Introduction to Humanitarian Emergencies (1)
  • MEDSCI 619: Health of Refugees and Immigrants (1)
  • MEDSCI 622: Topics in Global Infectious Disease (1)

Underserved Pathway

Contact: Sharon Dobie (faculty advisor), David Evans (faculty advisor), Underserved Pathway Program Coordinator

  • MEDSCI 602: Adolescent Health in Low-Resource Settings (1)
  • MEDSCI 610: Food, Health, and the Environment (1)
  • MEDSCI 612: Introduction to Humanitarian Emergencies (1)
  • MEDSCI 617: Prison/Jail Health Care Part 1 (1)
  • MEDSCI 618: Prison/Jail Health Care, Part 2 (1)
  • MEDSCI 622: Topics in Global Infectious Disease (1)
  • MEDSCI 624: Medical Students as Advocates (1)

Hispanic Health Pathway

Contact: NormaAlicia Pino, HHP advisor

  • MEDSCI 607: Science and Practice of Empathy and Compassion Cultivation in Medicine (1)

Indian Health Pathway

Contact: NormaAlicia Pino

There are currently no intersessions that fulfill the Indian Health Pathway.

LGBTQ Health Pathway

Contact: NormaAlicia Pino

The course below will be accepted in lieu of the Health Equity course requirement for the LGBTQ Pathway. However, LGBTQ Health Pathway students will still need to take the LGBTQ Health and Transgender Health courses for the Pathway – there are no substitutes for these courses or the LGBTQ Health Pathway required modules or clerkships.

  • MEDSCI 624: Medical Students as Advocates (1)