Welcome to Ecology of Health and Medicine. We hope that you refer to this website throughout your medical school career. This course is dedicated to the environment we exist in as med students, as physicians and as patients. This course integrates principals of ethics, professionalism, inter professional education and communication, health equity, diversity, social determinants of health, global and population health, lifelong learning, health systems form and function and health systems improvements through your four year curriculum.

While these topics may seem disparate, mastery of these topics adds to your skill in the art of medicine as much as the science. The uniqueness of the patient, as an individual combined with the complexity of the healthcare system frequently makes for difficult and complicated conversation.  This course was developed to ensure content delivery is additive and appropriate for the time in your medical education.  That said, we have worked to make this site accessible to all levels of learner; foundations students learning the fundamentals of health systems to attending physicians looking to complement their knowledge base.

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