Adjunct & Allied Faculty

Philip Schuyler UWPhilip D. Schuyler, Emer­i­tus, Music
(Mid­dle East, Africa, Arab World; Ethnog­ra­phy of Performance)

Ramesh Gangolli UWRamesh Gan­golli, Emer­i­tus, Math­e­mat­ics
(Musi­cal Styles and Tra­di­tions, North India)

Stewart Dempster UWStew­art Demp­ster, Emer­i­tus, Music
(Did­jeri­dou, Trom­bone, New music)

Michelle Habel-Pallan  UWMichelle Habell-Pallan, Adjunct, Amer­i­can Eth­nic Stud­ies 
(Chicano/a Pop­u­lar Cul­ture, Crit­i­cal Race and Gen­der Theory)