Undergraduate Students

JW Massey UWJW Massey
My name is JW Massey. I am the first BA Ethno-Musicology student at the University of Washington in the School of Music. I am really excited by the opportunities afforded to me by being in the program and look forward to all of the extraordinarily interesting things that I am going to learn while attending the school. I am a musician and I am a part of a band outside of the university that is playing locally. I am the guitarist and lead singer of that ensemble. I have always played some kind of musical instrument from the time I was a child and I have always been interested in music from all over the world. Ethno-Musicology suits me in every way as I get to learn about fascinating places, people, their cultures and their music from many different parts of the world. A part of this learning is hands on with visiting professors. I have been interested for sometime in the Gu Qin, which is a seven string Chinese zither. I have been learning more about it’s role in past traditions of Chinese music and I have had the opportunity to try to play a bit as well. Ultimately, the enriching experiences that I garner here at the University of Washington in the Ethno-Musicology BA program give my own musical creations more depth and meaning. I am especially grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!

Anna Mines UWAnna Mines
Anna Mines is an ethnomusicology and environmental studies student at the University of Washington. As a trumpet player, she participates in several ensembles at the UW, including the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, the Husky Marching Band, and the Steel Band. While music remains essential to her college career, Anna hopes to integrate her studies into ecomusicology, the critical look into the relationship between music and nature, as a potential research area in her undergraduate years and beyond.