September 10- September 14

We spent our last day in the amazon basin exploring how crops are grown with a tropical climate. We discussed sustainability and viewed sustainable agriculture expieraments that were put together by the researcher there. It was fun to hear about his plans for the future, because he had just taken it over at the beginning of the year. We also enjoyed a tour of some medicinal and more traditional plants that are used by natives in Peru. That was interesting to hear the natural remedies and shows that plants are capable of a lot of things!

We left Villa Carmen and headed to Wayqecha where we did data analysis for a few days for our research projects. Man it was cold up there in the cloud forest! Moving from the amazon basin to the Andes was a shock! I wore a hat, gloves, and many layers while we were there, and I actually enjoyed eating hot food and having hot tea and coffee (eating hot food when it is hot and humid is surprisingly hard). We explored the forest near the biological station and got to enjoy the amazing views while we did many nature walks. It was incredible to see the difference in habitats from what we had just come from.  

On our last day at Wayqecha we went on a hike to a suspension bride. We looked at environmental differences between the peaks and valleys of the hills along the way. We all got to cross the suspension bridge and see what the view of the forest would be like from the trees. It was a great way to learn about plant adaptations for a damp and cloudy environment.

Next thing I knew we were on our way back to Cusco! Time was flying by, and we were already saying goodbye to the rainforest as we weaved our way back to civilization.

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