Cambodia and so much more!

All I can say, is I have fallen in love with Cambodia! We spent about two weeks throughout a few different areas, and the country left me never wanting to leave! We spent some time in Siem Reap, which is the tourist center of Cambodia. Siem Reap is amazing. I had such an amazing time. We built vertical gardens in some villages, taught English in a village, donated bikes, and even learned how to cook some Khmer food. working with Teachers for Tomorrow and teaching English in a village for three months. I really cannot wait to return and start this new chapter!

After Siem Reap we spent a couple days in Phnom Phen, the capital city. We went to a few sites left from the Khmer Rouge Era which was very emotional and quite disturbing, however, I learned quite a bit about the awful things which occurred.

As we made our way back to Thailand, we spent a couple days on the island of Koh Chang, which was much needed relaxation and time away from cities.

Today we are back in Bangkok! Currently in Bangkok a military coup is in place. This is an awesome and interesting time to be in this country. There are so many new rules, a curfew, as well as various peaceful protests throughout the city.

We are down to less than two weeks of the program and I am already starting to miss my study abroad family!

I will post more about the Bangkok situation soon!




Time Flies!

It has been a few weeks since my last post due to constant travel and poor wifi! However, since my last post, we have traveled through Laos and made it back to Bangkok. After about a week in Bangkok after Laos, we visited the small beach towns of Hua Hin and Pranburi. Both were gorgeous and left us all wanting to stay! After the last few days in Bangkok, we visited Ayutthaya which is the old capital of Thailand. Some of the ‘Wats’ or temples we saw today were built as early as the 1300’s! It was absolutely breathtaking and worth the day trip.

Tomorrow begins our next adventure of travelling to Cambodia! We will get to work with even more NGOs and see even more amazing sites.

Next post will be from Cambodia!




The Golden Triangle!

The past two weeks have been crazy! After one week in Bangkok we traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand which is in the northern part of the country. We were able to be in the city for Songkran which is Thai New Years! Songkran consists of city-wide water fights and many blessings and prayers for the new year. For about four days you cannot walk around the streets without getting soaking wet! We had the awesome opportunity of participating in this festival. The water represents cleansing for the new year.

After four days in Chiang Mai full of water fights, elephant camps, and zip-lining through the jungles, we traveled even further north to Chiang Rai. Here we met with a friend of the group, and she allowed us all to join her family for dinner in her village, and also allowed the women to spend the night at her house. This time spent in the village has been the most incredible part of my time abroad thus far. In the morning we woke up before the sun and participated in the ceremony at the temple. We were all blessed by a monk and given a bracelet from him as well.

After this amazing experience, we were very close to the border of Burma, and had the opportunity to cross. I did so, and spent a couple hours in Burma visiting another temple and participating in another prayer with a Burmese influence.

This trip just keeps getting better! We are currently staying right next to the Golden Triangle which is where Laos, Thailand, and Burma meet.

More stories to come!:)





One Week in Bangkok!

I have officially spent one week in Bangkok, Thailand! The past week has been crazy busy! The city itself is insane. The streets are always full of cars and people, and the city is always alive. We had a team amazing race scavenger hunt around the city a few days ago which was an awesome way to learn about the city and how to get around. A few days ago we took a boat ride on the Chao Phrya river which was amazing. It was great to see the river parts of Bangkok. On this trip we visited the Temple of the Dawn which was incredible. We also had the chance to visit the Royal Barge Museum as well as the Grand Palace which is home to the Emerald Buddha.

We finally started Thai language class as well as our other two classes as well. Thai is a difficult language to learn but so far it has been super fun!

Tomorrow we leave Bangkok and head up to Chang Mai in northern Thailand! My next posts will be from there.



Grand Palace

Grand Palace

Temple of the Dawn

Temple of the Dawn

River Boat

River Boat

My Very First Blog Post!

Blog by Jamie Clark — Study Abroad, Thailand

Only five days left until I take off to Thailand. Currently, I’m just trying to get everything together. Finally started packing and getting my last necessities taken care of. It has been surprising how much stuff there is to do prior to this trip! Time is just flying by. I have been working on our pre-departure research paper and learning quite a bit about the countries we are going to be traveling to. Safety is something that we are taking very seriously and so we have been learning all about the countries and how to stay safe while still having an awesome time. Only a few more days to get things done and then it is time to take off! My next post will be from the ground in Bangkok, Thailand!

Jamie Clark