Starting in Thailand

5/9/2014 Blog by Kenneth Vallester, CUSP, Globalization and the Societies of Southeast Asia, Thailand

Since my family had moved to United States, I’ve lived my life mostly in my comfort zone. It was rare that I would go and take risks as a student. Many of my friends and my cousins in their freshmen year lived in the dormitory went to school out of state, and others went even as far as studying abroad in their second quarter of college. I would always tell myself that when I get to college, I will do as many things as possible. I would try new things and explore things that I’ve never even thought of doing. None of this ever happened. However, in the start of my sophomore year, I experienced an awakening moment. As I was reminiscing, I felt that my freshmen year felt like it was a waste of time because all I did was go to my classes then go straight to work.

After that moment, I had a sudden urge to go to the UW Study Abroad website to search for programs. I didn’t have to look very far. When I went to the “featured programs” page, I saw “CUSP THAILAND” and I knew from that point on, I was spending my spring quarter in Bangkok. So far, it has been an amazing experience. It is definitely a place that I will visit again. I will definitely recommend studying abroad for any student because you will experience things that will not happen at home.

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