I have just made it back to Aracju from Salvador!

I have just made it back to Aracju from Salvador! I really enjoyed my stay there and learned a lot about different organizations that help rehabilitate those with different disabilities. On Monday we visited a Centre for Educational Support to Visually Impaired (Centro de Apoio Pedagógico ao Deficiente Visual). At this center they helped the visually impaired and the blind read brial. As well as use computers to surf the web or do school work.

On Tuesday we got official by meeting with Alexandre Baroni, Director of Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities, Secretariat of Justice and Human Rights. We had a lot discussion around people with disabilities and their rights and equal access. After the visit there we stopped to visit an organization that helps rehabilitate those with disabilities and provided other services, such as dental. The organization is called Irmã Dulce social project.

To end the trip in Salvador the last organization we visited was APAE (Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children) at tuis organization they worked with people who had intellectual disabilities from 16 and over. They focused on life skills and helping them enter the work force. They also offered fun activities such as cooking, dance, music and theatre. I am sad to have left Salvador, but excited to see what other fun plans await in Aracju.

My Sunday

Good afternoon everyone, today was a relaxed yet productive day. I got to sleep in and go to the beach for the first time! !!
I decided to stay in the apartments wih some other students to finish up on some reading and school work. Looking forward to anouther exciting week. Cant wait to see what adventures are at hand.

Yesterday’s Adventures

Yesterday we had class early in the morning and talked about the focus of having and understanding disabilities as medical and social aspect and not just focusing on the physical aspects.

After class we all went to the market! I had so much fun. I got to practice my Portuguese! And try more fantastic foods.

To end the day, we all had Portuguese class number 2. This time we learnedabout objects in the room. Much more difficult than greetings to say the least. I cant wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

My trip out today

Today we went to Raio de sol which is a non for profit organization that servers as a resources to children as well as adults with various disabilities duch as cerebral palsey and   autism. We took a tour around the site and caralyn, the fonder of Raio de sol showed us the rooms where the participants receive services such as seach and physical therapy.  We also got to into some of the class rooms where the students learn, i was most shocked when caralyn told me that all children with disabilites  must go to a puplic school and be in the class with other student, then told us that the ones with disabilities get expelled beacuse the prinsable desides they cant function in a regular education class room. When this happens Caralyn takes them in. After the tour and background of the organization we were all able to hang out with some of the  participants in Caralyns adult class and some locals who where fishing and practice our portgegeys. It was a lot of fun to be able to ask what where some of their hobbies that they were interested in. We all took pictures and got to experience the social life a bit.

On our way back to our apartments we stopped at a neneighborhood that was the equivalent to tent city in Washington.  It was emotional to see that the people here were working people, but did not have the economical funds for an apartment. The locals in this environment stated that they had been living in apartments but had to be evacuated for reasons I wasn’t sure of. In the end they were forced to live in a community that as of tomorrow will be torn down because of complaints from near by residents. 

I dont want to end on a sad note, so I will say with all the wonderful people and stories we listened to, I feel has got the group pumped up to further engage in the culture and environment.  As well as learning about the disabilities, rehabilitation, and technology wihin limited resource areas in Brazil. I hope everyone is doing well in the states and keep a look out for the next coming blogs!!!

-Nykole Mitchell-“

Getting ready for Brazil!

Blog by Nykole Mitchell, Business Administration/ Society, Ethics and Human Behavior, Study Abroad–Brazil

A month from today I’ll be flying into Brazil and starting an unforgettable trip. I am almost ready to start my study abroad trip: I have attended my orientation, got my flight booked and finished all the miscellaneous tasks that need to get done. The next step is to pack.
I haven’t gotten a suit case to take with me just yet, but it’s definitely on my to-do list. I made sure I’ll have my money pouch, passport, and visa and flight itinerary safe in a small carry on before heading out, wouldn’t want to lose that.
I have met up already with all the other students who will be attending this program as well and I feel it’s going to be a good group dynamic. I can’t wait to get to know each of the students on a more personal level.
Hope everyone has a fantastic week!