News from the Research Commons

February 13, 2017

Lineup: Scholars’ Studio ADVOCACY


The Research Commons and The Graduate School CORE programs present:

Verletta Kern: Advocacy Through Digital Scholarship

Francis Kairu: Spreading the Bug – Promoting Community Level Advocacy in Africa

Julian Barr: Digitizing and Queering the  Historical LGBT Seattle Walking Tour

Chang Dou: From Tree to Biofuel

Carla Lopez-Wilkerson: How Language Blurs Our Response to Sexual Violence

Rachael Tatman: Advocating for Neglected Voices: Addressing Bias in Automatic Speech Recognition

Giuliana Conti: Diversifying Music Education

Nate TeBlunthuis: Performing Organization: How Personal Narratives can Function in Recruitment to Grassroots Social Movement Organizations

Caroline F.D. Black: Are Early Childhood and Family Support Programs Effective for Teenage Parents? A Meta-Analysis

Scholars’ Studio is Thursday, February 16, 4 – 6 pm in the Research Commons!