Spring Break 2017

Our HCDE team spent spring break giving a week-long workshop in Design Thinking for the 6th—8th grade students of Markishtum Middle School in the Makah Tribe town of Neah Bay, Washington.

This workshop, designed and led by HCDE students, was part of the UW Pipeline Project’s Alternative Spring Break program.

UW-TV produced a short video that beautifully captures the experience.

HCDE Alternative Spring Break video

The team:

  • Catie Baker, Outreach Coordinator (CSE PhD ’17)
  • Andrew Davidson, Faculty Director
  • Lydia Davison, BS ’17
  • Michael Fernandes, BS ’17
  • Samantha Gil-Vargas, BS ’18
  • Leyla Ibrahim BS ’17
  • Valerie Najera, BS ’17
  • Karin Vaughan, BS ’17

Thanks to Christine Stickler, UW Pipeline Project Director; Leah Pistorius, HCDE Communications Manager; Stacy Sakamoto, UW-TV Producer (and her whole team); David McDonald, HCDE Department Chair (and all of our HCDE colleagues); and, of course, everyone in Neah Bay!