We have launched the 2018 HCDE Alternative Spring Break project. This year, we will be taking two teams back to Neah Bay to focus on digital storytelling with their students at both Neah Bay HS and Markishtum MS.

I am proud to be working with a talented and dedicated team of UW students making an enormous positive contribution in our state. They are volunteering their time and expertise for engineering outreach, and will be inspiring and mentoring K-12 students during their spring break this year.

The HCDE Alternative Spring Break 2018 Team

Standing, L to R: Melissa Birchfield, Noelle Merclich, Yeh-Eun Lee, Pooja Ghelani, Jojo Le, Nate Young, Sam Gil-Vargas, Elena Agapie, Melody Xu, Andy Davidson
Seated, L to R: Bonnie Tran, Aylee Neff, Linda Nguyen, Jon Cole