Why I <3 adafruit.com

adafruit-logoFive reasons why I recommend Adafruit Industries (adafruit.com) to people getting started in physical computing:

  1. Great engineering: their products are just superbly designed, engineered, and built.
  2. Great curation: they research and test components and tools to offer so you don’t have to sift through 8,000 different kinds of things yourself.
  3. Great service: they respond to customer requests and orders really fast (minutes, not days).
  4. Great support: all of their products and kits have excellent libraries and tutorials for how to actually use them in real projects (learn.adafruit.com).
  5. Great attitude: they really believe in and support open-source efforts and educators.

PS: They didn’t pay me to write this; I’m just a satisfied customer and see how my students benefit from their stuff.