The Reflection Collection

As a final assignment in most of my classes, I ask students to write a short reflection about their experience and learning in the course.

This is nominally a 300-500 word essay, given a few specific prompts about what they accomplished and learned, challenges and surprises they experienced during the course, and how they might make use of what they learned in the future.

Research (not mine) shows that this reflection process helps students to cement their learning in a course, and to put it in context with the rest of their education. It is always educational for the instructor, as well, to get a view of the student experience in a course.

My colleague Jennifer Turns gave me the idea to offer the option to apply some creativity in a media-rich version of the same reflection, as long as it satisfies the prompts. I now offer that to my students every quarter, and some of them always take that option, even though it is undoubtedly more work for them.

Here are some examples of creative more narrative final reflections I have received and especially enjoyed and valued. (Click on the image to read, view, listen, or watch.)

HCDE 518: User-Centered Design

Borges.thumb UCD Graphic Story
Denise Borges, HCDE MS
2013 Autumn
Lemme.thumb The Paradox of Choice
Sean Lemme, HCDE MS
2012 Autumn
Mehlman.thumb Gabby and User-Centered Design
Gabrielle Mehlman, HCDE MS
2013 Autumn

HCID 521: Prototyping Studio

Ismaila.thumb Confessions of a Prototyper
Hadiza Ismaila, MHCI+D MS
2014 Winter
Shahriaree.thumb Prototyping
Nina Shahriaree, MHCI+D MS
2014 Winter
Wong.thumb Prototypin’ Rap
Carolyn Wong, MHCI+D MS
Rap (Video)
2014 Winter
Yang.thumb Prototyping Studio
David Yang, MHCI+D MS
2014 Winter

HCDE 517: Usability Testing

Chaisy.thumb Usability Rap
Daren Chaisy, HCDE UCD
Rap (Audio)
2013 Winter
Pangestu.thumb Usability Reflection
Andri Pangetsu, HCDE MS
2013 Winter
Zhou.thumb Test in Context
Yongji Zhou, HCDE MS
2013 Winter