CoE Math Academy — HCDE Workshop


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2013 Team (Michael, Madisen, Alonso, me, Jessy, Natalia)

Prototyping a Bike Computer

HCDE logoHuman-Centered Design & Engineering is a field of study in which “putting people first, we research, design, and engineer interactions between humans and technology.”

boardAn essential part of the field involves prototyping interactive systems. Prototyping refers to the process of trying out design ideas and evaluating them before committing to a finished engineering solution.

roadIn this short workshop, we explore both the design and engineering aspects of the prototyping process, applying that methodology to the challenge of developing a bike computer for different kinds of cyclists.


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This is a compressed, fun, whirlwind version of the user-centered design process! Here is a summary of the three days’ activities:

Day   Design Engineering Goals
1 Research: brainstorm cyclist computer needs Physical Computing: Intro to Arduino, “Hello, World!” Use personas to represent users
2 Ideation: create bike computer UIs Sensors & Displays: Magnets, LCDs, speed algorithm Embrace the constraints 
3 Evaluation: test and summary report Prototype: implement and test Test designs with hardware and software