Additive Manufacturing and Functional Materials Symposium

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Additive Manufacturing and Functional Materials Symposium
Thursday and Friday, June 22-23, 2017
Kane Hall, University of Washington, Seattle

The University of Washington is proud to announce its second interdisciplinary 3-D Printing Symposium:

For information about last year’s inaugural additive manufacturing symposium, you may find a summary at Open3DP.

Hosted by the UW Strategic Research Initiative for Additive Manufacturing, this two day-long event offers an unprecedented chance to witness the latest advances in 3-D printing and scholastic research for one of the most critical societal opportunities in modern history.

This 2-day symposium will bring together an international audience from industry and academia to discuss the cutting edge of additive manufacturing technologies. A particular emphasis is placed on the interface with functional polymeric materials.The event is open to the public and we warmly welcome students and industry professionals from diverse fields.

Symposium Details

Symposium Format and Schedule:

The symposium is a two-day event from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day, including boxed lunches in Kane Hall. There will be a post-symposium reception on Thursday.  On Friday, a post-symposium reception will be held on an Argosy Cruise, located at Pier 55. This three-hour event will also include an opportunity to see 3D printing in action.  A full print-friendly version of the schedule is available to download soon.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

Henrique de Amorim Almeida (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria)

Paulo Bartolo (The University of Manchester)

Annalisa Chiappone (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)

Paul Deffenbaugh (Sciperio, Inc.)

Michael Dickey (NC State University)

Igor Drstvenšek (University of Maribor)

Albert Folch (University of Washington)

Garret Miyake (CU-Boulder)

Howon Lee (Rutgers University)

Michael McAlpine (University of Minnesota)

Alshakim Nelson (University of Washington)

Scott T. Phillips (Penn State)

Ronald Rael (UC Berkeley)

Johanna Schwartz  (University of Washington)

 Kristina Shea (ETH Zurich)

Poster Session:

Attendees will have the opportunity participate in an afternoon poster session to present their own work in 3-D printing. Demo tables and opportunities for sponsorship are also available. Please contact Prof. AJ Boydston directly with any questions ( The Royal Society of Chemistry will be sponsoring a poster prize. The winner will be announced at a special ceremony during the symposium.

Registration and Cost:

$50 per individual, $25 for UW students and students from other public or private institutions. The ticket price will grant you access to the two day-long event with complimentary lunch, the Thursday reception, and the celebratory Argosy cruise on Friday.

Thanks to support from our educational partners, all registration fees are considered tax-deductible gifts to the University of Washington. All guests will receive a gift receipt from the UW Foundation in addition to ticket confirmation. Registration is nonrefundable.

Support and Sponsors

We would like to extend our thanks to our sponsors for all of their support. Our sponsors include:

Materials Horizons

Contact: AJ Boydston (
Registration: $50 General ($25 for students)
Registration Link:

Conference Web Site:

Printable Flyer:  UW AMFM 2017 flyer

Printed Electronics Summit

For those of you who have an interest in printed electronics, I want to let you know that the University of Washington will be hosting a Printed Electronics Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday March 7-8. The event is co-sponsored by the College of Engineering SRI teams focused on “Printed Electronics” and “Additive Manufacturing with Advanced Materials” along with several companies (including Ricoh, TEL, and DNP) that are interested in potential research collaborations.

Devin MacKenzie is the lead technical organizer.

The event will be held in Alder Commons and the Washington Clean Energy Testbed in the Bowman building. The flyer with more information about the event is attached. It is free of charge, but capacity is limited. (Planned capacity is 80, and there are 40 committed international attendees.)

2017 PE Summit Eflyer

If you would like to attend, please register using the RSVP URL below:


Additive Manufacturing and Functional Materials Symposium

Additive Manufacturing and Functional Materials Symposium
Thursday and Friday, June 22-23, 2017
University of Washington, Seattle

This 2-day symposium will bring together an international audience to discuss the cutting edge of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. The symposium will focus on the interface between AM and functional polymeric materials, and will feature invited speakers and contributed posters.
Confirmed speakers include: Annalisa Chioppone (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia), Michael Dickey (NC State), Igor Drstvenšek (University of Maribor), Howon Lee (Rutgers), Michael McAlpine (UMN), Alshakim Nelson (UW-Seattle), Eujin Pei (Brunel University London), Kristina Shea (ETH Zurich), Scott Phillips (Penn State University)

Contact: AJ Boydston (
Registration: $50 ($25 for students)
More to come soon…

UW AMFM 2017 flyer

Symposium Summary from Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing with Advanced Materials

Thank you for attending the inaugural 3-D Printing Symposium at the University of Washington: Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing with Advanced Materials!

We had a fantastic event with more than 100 speakers, panelists, and poster presenters covering diverse topics that included polymers and new functional materials, advanced printing techniques, art and architectural design, and medicine.This was a stimulating day with many active discussions, and we look forward to working with you to advance the field of additive manufacturing.

A very warm thanks to our sponsors FATHOM and Stratasys. We extend our particular gratitude to our friends at FATHOM for their hospitality in hosting both a wonderful reception and tour of their pioneering work space and printers.

FATHOM is ecstatic about the level of interest in 3D-printable microfluidic hardware, and looks forward to collaborating with many of you in the near future. FATHOM’s Director of Research, Carlo Quiñonez, PhD, can be reached The FATHOM team, located at its Seattle-based office and production center, is happy to work with UW students and faculty on any upcoming 3D printing projects! Reach out with any questions to Dylan Oliver, FATHOM’s general manager

During the course of the Symposium, several of you noted an interest in partnering with the UW on research and collaborative projects. We are excited to hear from you. Please contact Duane Storti at or Alshakim Nelson at if you would like to explore innovative and collaborative opportunities with the UW.

Please visit our blog for updates about our research and leading-edge academic experiences for students. We hope to offer another additive manufacturing symposium on the UW campus next year, and we are also in the midst of planning the Zing Conference on additive manufacturing in Portugal in June 2017.


The UW Strategic Initiative for Additive Manufacturing Team

Alshakim Nelson, Chemistry, Symposium Lead,
Duane Storti, Mechanical Engineering, Symposium Lead,

Nicolas Boechler, Mechanical Engineering
Andrew J. Boydston, Chemistry
Cole DeForest, Chemical Engineering
Albert Folch, Bioengineering
Mark A. Ganter, Mechanical Engineering
Dawn E. Lehman, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Laura N. Lowes, Civil and Environmental Engineering




Please join us for “Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing with Advanced Materials”

Saturday May 14 | 9am-4pm (4:30-6:30 Reception*) | Alder Hall Commons |
University of Washington, Seattle

Hosted by the UW Strategic Research Initiative for Additive Manufacturing, this day-long event offers an unprecedented chance to witness the latest advances in 3-D printing and scholastic research for one of the most critical societal opportunities in modern history.

Our faculty, students and corporate partners are working together to identify and evaluate the true potential for additive manufacturing technologies to fulfill the needs of emerging technology and industry. Topics of discussion will include 3-D printing related to new polymeric material compositions, micro-architectured materials, art/architecture, medicine, prosthetic development, and microfluidics.

The post-symposium reception will be co-hosted by Fathom Inc. which has a facility just blocks away from the UW campus.  This is an opportunity to see live demonstrations of the most advanced 3D printers that are available on the market, while enjoying light appetizers and beverages with symposium participants.  A shuttle service will be provided to transport (8 minutes one way) attendees to and from the Fathom facility.


Use the tabs above to find out more about the symposium! 

Prof. Kira Barton visit Tuesday 11/03/15

During our next regular SRI team meeting (Tuesday Nov. 3 at 11:00 in More 218) we will be joined by Prof. Kira Barton from the University of MIchigan.

Prof. Barton will be giving a seminar immediately after our meeting. Here are the details:

November 3rd Tuesday, 12.30 to 1.30, MEB 238

Mechanical Engineering Department Seminar Series
Advancements in Modeling, Sensing and Control for
High-Resolution Additive Manufacturing
By Prof. Kira Barton
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

Abstract: Additive manufacturing (AM) describes a class of processes that perform a
layer-by-layer “bottom-up” fabrication approach as opposed to traditional top-down,
subtractive fabrication such as milling and lathing. Printing-based AM, and in particular
micro-scale AM (µ-AM), has received significant attention in recent years as an enabling
technology capable of revolutionizing the way we manufacture electronics, biosensors, and
optics in this country. Meso-scale AM is capable of fabricating integrated features beyond
what conventional machining can perform at this length scale. However, µ-AM has yet to
demonstrate the fabrication of complex 3D structures at the micro-scale that are not fabricable by traditional micromachining. Limiting this step change in manufacturing capabilities is
the reliance of μ-AM systems on a process monitoring, regulation, and quality control
paradigm that is performed post-process and in an ad hoc manner. In this talk, we discuss
some recent developments in process modeling, sensing, and control that aim to break this
open-loop paradigm by providing the controls theoretic and process modeling knowledge to
develop a robust closed-loop system for measurement and compensatory control.
Bio: Prof. Kira Barton is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical
Engineering at the University of Michigan. She received her B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2001. She continued her education in
mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and completed her
M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in 2006 and 2010, respectively. She held a postdoctoral research
position at the University of Illinois from Fall 2010 until Fall 2011, at which point she joined
the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Kira
conducts research in modeling, sensing, and control for applications in advanced
manufacturing and robotics, with a specialization in Iterative Learning Control and microadditive manufacturing. Kira is the recipient of an NSF CAREER Award in 2014, 2015 SME
Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, and the 2015 University of Illinois,
Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

At the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, U. of Washington
November 3rd Tuesday, 12.30 to 1.30, MEB 238
(Followed by Pizza)


Dear Duane,

Congratulations. I am very pleased to inform you that your Strategic Research Initiative proposal entitled “Rapid Deployment of Designer Materials in Devices and Smart & Resilient Infrastructure (SRI) Enabled by Additive Manufacturing” was selected for funding by internal reviewers and the final SRI Selection Committee.