Malicious email alert: UW acct phishing email

Another phishing email targeting UW email acct.

It initially appears to contain a link called “Click on show images to read secured message” (see image 1 below). In some email applications, clicking the link will take you directly to a malicious website. In other applications, it will turn into an image (see image 2 below), which is itself a link. If you then click anywhere on the image, it will go to a malicious website.



Another thing that is notable about this email is that the link includes and However, it does not go to a or website.

Let’s break this web address down into its components: domain, directory, and webpage.


Of the 3 components, the one you need to check is the domain. In this example, we can see it is NOT a or domain and is therefore not a legitimate UW website.

The directory and webpage components do contain and, but this does not matter. These components can be named anything.