UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly

September 27, 2018

Executive Council 2018-2019

   Left to right, from bottom: 1st row: Nicole Blair, Menaka Abraham, Loly Ramierez, Sarah Hampson, Katie Haerling, Danica Miller 2nd row: Chair Ka Yee Yeung-Rhee, Rupinder Jindal, Charles Costarella, Jeremy Davis 3rd row: FA Vice Chair Marian Harris, Michelle Garner, Lauren Montgomery, Jill Purdy 4th row: Etga Ugur, Justin Wadland, Mark Pendras, D.C. Grant, Eugene…

September 26, 2018


Chancellor Mark Pagano and  Jill Purdy, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs,  address faculty at the annual Fall Faculty Retreat.    

September 21, 2018

Welcome back to UWT. Faculty Assembly Retreat on Sept 24.

I’d like to welcome all faculty members back to UWT campus.  The start of the academic year is always special:  building or renewing relationships with faculty members, staff and students, conversations savoring the warm (and dry!) summer months, emails/meetings waiting for us to read and to go to… I understand this is a busy time….

New Faculty Orientation Sept 12-13, 2018

We were very excited to welcome 33 new faculty members to UW Tacoma on Sept 12-13.  We greatly appreciate new and existing faculty members, administration leaders, students and staff members for making this event a great success. We’d like to share a group photo here to capture the moment. Please say hi when you see…