UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly

October 19, 2018

2017-2019 UW Faculty Senate Election

Nominations are closed and it’s time to vote for 2 faculty members to represent UW Tacoma in Faculty Senate.
  • The term is for 2 years starting in the winter quarter: September 16, 2017  through September 15th, 2019 
  • To cast your vote for 2 faculty members to represent you in Faculty Senate, please use this link: 
  • https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/assembly/362337
Voting ends October 30, 2018 at 5pm.  
***Please note:  This election is to fill two vacated seats.  An election will be held in January 2019 for the 6 new UW Tacoma Senators for the next term.