UW Tacoma Faculty Assembly

October 2, 2018

Follow-up of FA retreat: Food Pantry (a message from Christine Stevens)

Dear UWT

As you plan for your annual giving this year, I would like to urge you to consider the UWT Food Pantry! They have no annual budget and rely on donations from the campus and community. In addition to food, the Pantry provides diapers, hygiene items, laundry soap etc. to help students address their basic needs.

In my research at UWT, 32% of the students were working full time, on full financial aid and were skipping an entire day of eating any meal to manage their budget. Students cannot focus in class when they are hungry.

Yearly donations allow the Food pantry to plan a budget and expand what they offer to students. If we say we care about students and their success, food and addressing basic needs of our students is a success strategy for graduation.

I urge you to think about making the UWT food pantry one of the organizations that you support in your annual giving this year! https://www.washington.edu/giving/make-a-gift/?

Christine A. Stevens, MPH, PhD
University of Washington Tacoma
Associate Professor
Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Program