Exchange Diagrams

We’ve been a little quiet here lately — we’ll try to get better at that.  I did want to sneak in a Friday afternoon post mentioning that I’ve uploaded two Exchange-related pictures today:

The first is a high-level diagram showing a version of the inbound message flow coming in from the outside world, and also shows the relationship between clients, the Client Access and BES servers, and the mailbox servers.  There’s a bit of detail missing, but it should give you an idea of where we’re going with this and what the new world looks like in Exchange Server 2007 (for those used to Exchange 2003’s topology.)

The second image is a mockup image and is related to our work and discussions about mailbox provisioning and management – something I’ll write more about here soon.  We’re looking to the central subscription service for handling provisioning and de-provisioning.  This gives the end user a nice one-stop shopping experience for managing their Exchange mailbox services as well as the rest of their central C&C services (like homer, dante, web publishing, etc.) The image is an example of what a “Manage My Exchange” page might look like as its tied into the rest of the manage pages (at

It’s about time for lunch… enjoy your Friday afternoon and your weekend!

– dzazzo

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