Exchange: E-mail Addresses

Good afternoon!  I’m starting to work on some initial designs around e-mail address spaces and how we can manage them in our centrally managed Exchange environment (codename “Everest”).

Specifically, the scenario I’m looking at right now is the case where a inpidual user has more than one department relationship — as an example, consider a user Joe Blow.  Joe Blow is an associate professor for the College of Pottery, but he’s also the Vice President of the Department of Redundancy Department.

In today’s world, he has two separate mailboxes – one that’s, and another at, respectively.

My question to the masses is two-fold:  Do you have users like this today, and if so, how do they (or how do you recommend) handle this scenario?  Forward one to the other?  Configure both in their e-mail client?  Ignore both?

In a central messaging system, would you expect that Joe would be able to keep both of his departmental e-mail addresses?  Which one would be his “primary” e-mail address, or should his @u address be his primary?

Food for your Thursday afternoon thoughts.  Let me know.  Post your comments here, or send them to me at dzazzo at cac dot washington dot edu.

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