Sharepoint Knowledge Network

There’s quite a few social networking websites out there. You’ve heard of them, and may even be using them. They give individuals a way to put information about themselves out in front of others, and allow individuals to connect with people that might share a common interest or a needed skill.

However, none of them really gives you a scope which easily integrates with other UW folks, whereas using the coming UW Sharepoint service will give you that.

And this is one of many reasons why moving your local Sharepoint service to the central UW Sharepoint service makes a lot of sense.

If you will, imagine a future where all the UW IT staff have populated their Sharepoint profile with their responsibilities, skills, past projects, and interests. Then, imagine how as an IT staff member you can find other IT staff who share your interest in a technology. Or imagine how in the midst of an issue, when established channels seem to be failing, how you can identify who the staff who have responsibility for a particular service are. Or imagine how IT managers might have a better picture of what their staff are responsible for, and which staff have skills that qualify them for special project work.

I’m sure we can all imagine other scenarios that could leverage this kind of information.

But it’s important to note that these scenarios are only possible with data collected from the relevant body of people (and that the data is accurate). The more data collected the better the picture becomes.

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