Blog changes coming

I’ve just finished a process of manually merging the two blogs hosted under viewpoint into a single one that can be bundled up for import into the coming sharepoint service.

I’ve re-categorized several posts, and moved files and other content too.

Posts from David Zazzo lost their authorship (he’s not here to move them).

Most comments were moved, but thrown into the post body.

The ms-collab blog got the older winauth content, and then when we move to the production service that blog will be renamed to more closely represent the folks doing the actual writing.

We’re also pondering a couple other changes, including changing from basic authentication over https to Windows Integrated over http. This is largely because many viewers don’t trust the UW certificate authority (CA) which issued the certificate for this site.

We originally ended up at basic over https because of a couple reasons, now all gone:

  • Some viewers had browser/platform combos which couldn’t do Kerberos or NTLMv2, but wanted to post comments or configure alerts (the only things that require login)
  • We didn’t want to allow anonymous comments, because we got spam
  • Doing basic auth without ssl breaks UW Computing policy

With the NETID domain allowing NTLMv1, we’ve moved to a different place since an overwhelming number of browser/platform combos do support that.

Assuming we move forward on this change, we’d likely regain https access (via a new hostname) when we move to the coming Sharepoint service, likely with a Thawte issued certificate.

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