Sharepoint Development

So this week I’ve been at a Sharepoint Developer class. This is the second in a series offered by Netdesk, i3602. Many of my prior Sharepoint posts came out of the first class I took about a year ago.

This class is excellent. The instructor, Michael Cierkowski, wrote the course materials himself based on the MS Press book, Inside Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0,

You’ll see quite a bit of interesting code samples downloadable on that website, and if you buy the book, you get the explanations, and conceptual underpinnings. The labs in the class are quite good, based on the idea that the instructor expects you to apply what you’ve learned earlier in the class. In other words, as you go along, you get fewer “step by step” instructions, and more higher level instructions, e.g. “do X–like you did in the last lab but with this slight twist”. It’s harder, but it makes you learn the material much more solidly than most classes.

I’m still getting my head straight about just what I’m learning, and what kinds of things I might blog about out of this class (and I’m only half thru the class too), but right now I envision these posts:

  • ‘Customizing vs. Developing’
  • ‘Site pages vs. Application pages’
  • ‘What does ghosted mean?’
  • ‘What is a feature? What is a solution?’
  • ‘When should I use an application page vs. a webpart vs. a feature?’
  • ‘Customized master page vs. themes vs. custom CSS file’
  • ‘The challenges of developing on Sharepoint’
  • ‘Why should I care about Sharepoint development? (or how to save yourself time and do cool things)
  • ‘Webparts’
  • ‘More on data sources–when to use the Sharepoint DB vs. when to keep the data external’

Of course, some of the material behind these envisioned posts may not materialize enough to justify a post, so we’ll see. And my work time is not exactly without lots of large demands, so it may take awhile to get these out the door, but I figured just the post titles would be interesting.

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