Documentation updates

Over the past month or two, there have been a couple of minor documentation updates.
Most notably, we’ve taken over ownership of the “Activating Windows on Campus” documentation, and brought it up to date. Back in the Vista release timeframe we wrote that document and UWare chose to host it within their web directory. The UWWI service line includes the campus KMS service, so it was a natural progression that moving this document so it could be maintained over time was for the best. You can find that document via a link on the UWare site, linked from the UWWI document index, or directly at

The UWWI Architecture Guide has received a few minor updates mostly around documenting permissions. now lists which managed UWWI user attributes are visible by anyone with a UW NetID and now includes that information as well. now talks a little about how some UWWI user attributes (managed or unmanaged) have permissions which allow the user themselves to updated them. A new document,, lists those attributes.

Looking farther back in time, last year we received quite a few requests to integrate applications with UWWI for authentication and authorization. Out of that flurry of requests, we wrote ‘How to use UWWI for LDAP Authentication’ at

I expect that we’ll be adding quite a few new documents as we extend UWWI to support the features from the Delegated OUs project, so stay tuned for more updates.

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