Windows Azure Active Directory and Office 365 TechEd Session roundup

There were quite a few AAD and O365 sessions at TechEd 2013 this year. As of now, I’ve attended or watched the first five in the list below, and can recommend all butĀ OUC-B209 (unless you are on live@edu currently). I’ll have more posts about the content from these sessions.

Here’s a list:

  • WAD-B309: Introduction to Windows Azure Active Directory. Jono Luk & Ross Adams
  • OUC-B211: Overview of Microsoft Office 365 Identity Management. Paul Andrew
  • WAD-B308: Deep Dive into Azure Active Directory Graph API. Edward Wu
  • OUC-B209: Microsoft Office 365 for Education: Overview and Upgrades
  • OUC-B341: Microsoft Office 365 Directory and Access Management with Windows Azure Active Directory. Jono Luk, Paul Andrews, Ross Adams
  • OUC-B205: Security in Microsoft Office 365. Andy O’Donald, Paul Andrew
  • OUC-B216: Microsoft Office 365 Service Communications. Katy Olmstead
  • WAD-B307: Securing Rich Client Applications Using OAuth 2.0 and Windows Active Directory. Vittorio Bertocci

To view any of these presentations yourself, use a URL of: + the 8 character code I’ve listed. For example:

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