UW Holidays for Outlook/Exchange 2014-2023

In the past I’ve pro­vided a cus­tom OUTLOOK.HOL file to add the UW Hol­i­days to Outlook and via Outlook to your Exchange calendar.

You can read http://blogs.uw.edu/barkills/2008/11/06/uw-holidays-in-exchange-2/ for the first post where I men­tioned this mech­a­nism.

I’ve just updated the Outlook.hol file noted in that post to include the UW Holidays from 2014 thru 2023. Yeah, I got tired of doing this every year or two so I went for 10 years this time around. The link to that file is on the left … i.e. http://staff.washington.edu/barkills/OUTLOOK.HOL.

Note that this newly updated OUTLOOK.HOL file is based on the stock Out­look file with UW Holidays from 2012 & 2013 and then UW Holidays 2014-2023 added. You’ll be clos­ing Out­look, replac­ing the stock file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\1033 with this new copy (to be safe, make a copy of your stock file first), then via the File tool­bar, Options, Cal­en­dar, Add Hol­i­days…, Uncheck United States and Check UW Hol­i­days 2014-2023.

If you are running Outlook 2013, adjust the file location as needed.

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