Get-ADGroupMember and ADWS parameter MaxGroupOrMemberEntries

By default, ADWS restricts several of the AD PowerShell cmdlets, like Get-ADGroupMember, to returning a mere 5,000 member entries. Which is annoying when you have larger groups, like we do.  Back in July 2015, we were pondering bumping up that limit, as described here:, but couldn’t find others who had made this change.

I ran into this annoying limitation again recently, and after a bit of fresh research found, as someone who actually did make the limit change and had specific syntax to make the change, although there is no real report on impact.

I went ahead and changed this ADWS limit to 200,000 on one of our DCs and re-ran my PS script against that DC. One of many large groups had a timeout (as might occasionally be expected due to other load), but otherwise there was no significant impact (to the DC) and I didn’t have to use the awkward & annoying workarounds of:

$members = Get-ADGroup <groupname> -properties Member | select-object -expandproperty member


(Get-ADGroup <groupname> -properties members).members | Get-ADUser -properties samAccountName | Select-Object samAccountName


$group =[adsi]”LDAP://CN=Group1,OU=Groups,DC=msad”

$members = $group.psbase.invoke("Members") | foreach {$_.GetType().InvokeMember("name",'GetProperty',$null,$_,$null)}


As a domain which has large groups, we seem to run into quite a few Microsoft design constraints, and after trying this in a large AD at 40 times the existing limit, I’m not sure I really understand why Microsoft chose such a low number, although I guess it is because of customers which run DCs on underpowered hardware.

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