Preferred Name, Shared UW NetIDs, UWWI, and Exchange

You may be familiar with the friction we’ve experienced over the years around displayName. Here are a couple past posts I’ve written on this:


I’m writing to make sure you are aware of a new behavior that was introduced likely at or after the PersonReg 3.0 release (now called IdentityReg). The effect of this new behavior is that the benefits to UWWI of the imagined “preferred name” work for Shared UW NetIDs are, for the most part, here today.


Prior to this, if you wanted to change the name value on a UWWI user that was a Shared UW NetID, you called the UW-IT Service Center and asked them to change the AVF displayName value. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked. That still works (except in some cases—more on that in a second), but there’s a better scenario now.


From the UW NetID Manage tool, if you set the Name value (see “Basic Settings”) for a Shared UW NetID, it now results in the PDS displayName value being set to that value (overriding any AVF displayName value). This then results in the UWWI FIM system using that value and propagation to UWWI. Keep in mind that account owners or admins can use the Manage tool on their Shared UW NetIDs by logging in with their personal UW NetID, so they don’t even need to have the Shared UW NetID password handy.


So in summary, self-service UWWI user name changes have been attained for Shared UW NetIDs. Getting to this milestone for Personal UW NetIDs still remains outstanding.