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August 23, 2010

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Using the UW Information Technology Web Servers

UW Information Technology provides a suite of Web servers for use by the UW community. This Web site provides an online manual for creating and publishing Web pages on these Web servers.

Getting Started

Quick Index

Find topics using thisalphabetical index.

Quick Reference

SSH, Server and URL Quick Reference

Getting Started
Find a Web server to host your Web site, create your initial home page, and learn about HTML and Web authoring tools.

Web Training and Design Services
Need help with Web design or training? Check out resources available on the UW campus.

Server URL Reference
Find your website address, server, and web development environment on this reference sheet.

Adding the UW Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to Your Site
Find out how to link to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use that UW-affiliated sites are required to have.

Popular Application Instructions

Choosing a Content Management System
Learn more about WordPress, Drupal, MediaWiki, and compare the pros and cons of each system

Using MySQL
Install a MySQL server, required by many web applications and handy for building your own.

Installing WordPress
Install WordPress and start a blog. (requires MySQL)

Installing Wikis
Install a wiki for collaborative documentation.

Installing Drupal
How to install Drupal on your UW Web Publishing account.

Intermediate-Level Website Management

Using HTML Authoring Tools
Learn more about using common tools for creating and managing Web sites: Dreamweaver, GoLive, FrontPage, etc.

Controlling Access
Control who can access your Web pages using UW NetID authentication, basic password protection, or host-based restrictions. Encrypt information using SSL.

Web Publishing Discussion Board
Discuss web publishing ideas, problems, applications and systems with other users.

Creating a Google Search Page For Your Site
Create a site-specific Google search page in a matter of minutes.

Tracking Usage
Track hits to your Web site. Determine what Web sites link to yours. Generate statistics and reports based on your personal log file data.

Custom Error Messages
How to create custom “File Not Found” and other error messages for your Web site.

Redirecting Visitors to a New Location
How to redirect visitors to a new Web site location.

URL Forwarding and Masking Services
Associate a custom domain name (e.g. www.domain.org) with your Web site in order to advertise a short, relevant Web address.

Advanced-Level Web Programming

Server Side Includes
How to use SSI’s on UW Web servers.

Using CGI Programs
Tips for developing your own CGI programs and processing forms.

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
The popular server-side scripting language is supported.

Using Ruby on Rails
How to start a Rails application and get it working on the web.


Troubleshooting Web Publishing
Learn how to find your website error messages and explore common problems and solutions.

Fixing and Setting Unix Permissions For Web Pages
Learn how to fix incorrect Unix permissions for Web pages.