UW Program on Values in Society: “Philosophy of Immigration”

Friday, November 2
Savery 408

The Program on Values in Society and the University of Washington Department of Philosophy warmly invite you to participate in a one-day roundtable discussion of the political philosophy of immigration on Friday, November 2nd, from 9.30-4.30 in Savery 408.

The event will feature presentations of philosophical works-in-progress on a number of normative issues surrounding documented and undocumented migration. Topics include the legitimacy (or illegitimacy) of national borders, ethnic selection in liberal democracies, and justice for undocumented migrants. Presentations will be kept brief in order to allow for ample discussion time.

Paper titles and other details can be accessed here: http://www.phil.washington.edu/POV/WorkshoponPhilosophyofImmigration.htm

Feel free to attend any and all of the talks that fit your schedule. Light refreshments will be served and a reception will follow in Savery Hall. We look forward to seeing you there!

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