1491s at UW: Friday, November 30

The 1491s are coming to the UW!

Indian Country Today: “The 1491s are a group of Native Americans who got together to do comedy videos for fun and put them on YouTube.com to see what would happen. The videos, which range from biting cultural satire and serious political statements to just plain goofiness, went viral in Indian country and gained an instant following…The 1491s are some of the funniest people in Indian country; they hold a mirror up to the culture and critique it with a pointed stick.”

When: Friday, November 30th, 7-9pm
Where: Savery 260

For more information on the 1491s check out:



Sponsored by First Nations@UW, American Indian Studies department, the ECC (Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity), and the ASUW AISC

1,088 thoughts on “1491s at UW: Friday, November 30

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