Monroy-Hernandez: “The New War Correspondents: The Rise of Civic Media Curation in Urban Warfare”

Wed. Nov 28, 2012
EEB 403
12:00pm – 1:20pm

In this presentation Monroy-Hernandez will describe the information sharing practices
of people living amid urban narco-violence. Monroy-Hernandez will outline the volume
and frequency of microblogging activity from four cities afflicted by
the Mexican Drug War, showing how citizens use social media to alert
one another and to comment on the violence that plagues their
communities. Then he will explain the emergence of civic media
“curators,” individuals who act as “war correspondents” by aggregating
and disseminating information to large numbers of people on social
media. He will conclude by sketching out the implications of our
observations for the design of civic media systems in wartime.

Andrés Monroy-Hernández is a researcher at Microsoft Research and an
Affiliate at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet &
Society. His research focuses on the design and study of social
computing systems that support creative expression and civic
engagement. His work has been featured in the New York Times, CNN,
Wired, and has received awards from Ars Electronica, and the MacArthur
Digital Media and Learning Competition. He holds a PhD from the MIT
Media Lab and a BS in Computer Science from Tec de Monterrey in

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