Recorded Lectures for B/ordering Violence Boundaries, Gender, Indigeneity in the Americas: The 2012-13 John E. Sawyer Seminar in Comparative Cultures

Maria Josefina Saldana 10/08/12
Frontier Liberalism and the Genealogy of Mexico’s indio bárbaro, 1810-1870

Alicia Schmidt Camacho 10/25/2012
<a href=”” title=”Migrant Personhood and the Definition of Sovereign Power in”>

Robin Derby 11/29/12
Cuidado con el perro que muerde callado:
Black Dogs as Trauma Revenants on Hispaniola

Juan Flores 11/30/2012
Salsa Power: The Politics in/of Latin Music of the 1960s

Shannon Speed 1/17/2013
Indigenous Women Migrants and Human Rights in the Era of Neoliberal Multicriminalism

Nicole Guidotti-Hernandez 2/7/2013
Yaqui Profiles of Deportability, 1899-1912×2

William Nericcio 2/28/2013
“Confessions of a Mexican American Hoarder” or “Prowling the Caucasian Bestiary”: The Existential and Insane Consequences of Collecting Latina/o Artifacts and Stereotypes×0

Audra Simpson and Ofelia Zepeda 4/11/2013
Mapping Sovereignty: Indigenous Borderlands, Speakers: Audra Simpson, Columbia University and Ofelia Zepeda, University of Arizona

Luis Vittor 5/2/2013
Communities Affected by Mining: The CONACAMI Case and its Impact on Latin America

Kim Tallbear, Noenoe Silva, Jon… 5/23/2013
Borders of Kinship: Species/Race/Indigeneity