Visualizing Bipolar

We are currently recruiting individuals with bipolar disorder for this study. To participate, you must be at least 18 years old with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, live in the Seattle areas, have not been hospitalized for mental health issues within the last six months, and not have serious substance abuse issues.

If eligible, you will participate in a  series of 3 interviews at the University of Washington over the next several weeks:

  • Interview 1: We will discuss your experience with bipolar.
  • Interview 2: We will work with you to brainstorm, draw, and play with ways to express your experience visually.
  • Interview 3: We will ask you for feedback about a series of images representing bipolar experiences created by the research team.

You will be compensated $25 upon completion of each interview (for a possible $75 total). For those who travel to the UW campus, we also offer $5 per interview to reimburse your travel expenses.

To set up a screening interview to see if you are a good fit for this study:

  • Call us at 206-616-1094 or
  • Email or
  • Go directly to our scheduler to reserve a time:

    • Please note that you can only schedule an appointment online 30 days in advance. If the day you are looking for is not yet available, please check back.


Before coming to your first in-person interview, please complete this brief questionnaire and bring it with you to our meeting. Click here to download the PDF.

Interviews for participants in the study will take place at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus, in Mary Gates Hall room 330E. Mary Gates Hall is conveniently located in the center of campus, between Suzzallo Library and Drumheller Fountain. The interview room can be easily reached by using any of six entrances to Mary Gates Hall and using stairs or an elevator to ascend to the third floor. Signs in the stairways and halls will direct you to 330, which is a suite of faculty offices. Once you enter the double doors into 330, room E will be just down the hall. Look for Dr. Jaime Snyder’s name posted next to the door.

UW campus is easily accessible via many bus routes or even the light rail. Participants will receive $5 per interview for transportation expenses (parking , bus, etc.). Click the link below to use Google Maps to determine the best way for you to find us on campus. If you have questions about directions, please call us at 206-616-1094 or email

Click here to find us on campus!