USACE Environmental Engineering Position

Hello CEE Students,

There is an open position in the Seattle District’s Environmental Engineering and Technology Section. The positions is characterized as a “Remediation Specialist in the technical and regulatory fields of hazardous, toxic, and waste characterization and remediation”. Seattle District works with different agencies and districts around the country on these projects. Salary is between $73,098 – $113,902 a year. The application period closes today January 24th. For more information about the job, please click here.

All CEE Majors: CEE Senior Year Planning w/worksheets

Hello CEE Majors –

It’s never too early to start planning for your senior year and your CEE 4XX coursework. In fact, planning your Technical Electives and Engineering & Science Electives will shed some light on your sophomore/junior plan as well.

(The BSCE/BSENVE sophomore and junior years are similar for most students so please use the BSCE/BSENVE degree sheets to help with your planning and course sequencing.)

The BSCE/BSENVE senior year, on the other hand, gives you almost complete control of the courses you take and the process outlined in the attachment can help you decide how to satisfy your Technical Elective and Engineering & Science Elective requirements.

Attached to this email you will find 3 documents to help with your planning:

  1. BSCE-BSENVE Senior Year Planning Process
  2. BSCE Senior Planning Worksheet
  3. BSENVE Senior Planning Worksheet

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Lunar Lava Tube Exploration Challenge

Hello CEE Students,

The Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium is seeking faculty and graduate mentors and undergraduate teams for the Lunar Lava Tube Student Challenge.  Information for both mentors and undergraduate teams are attached and are listed on our Space Grant Opportunities Board.  If you or your students are interested in participating or have questions please reach out to!

Mead & Hunt – Entry Level Civil Engineering Opportunity

Mead & Hunt, Inc., a nationally recognized professional services consulting firm has an entry-level civil engineer to join our Northwest Aviation Civil Engineering Team.  Join a high performing team that supports infrastructure needs for our national aviation system, the nexus through which food, goods, medicine, tourists, ideas, and services all pass.  Our team has fostered strong client relationships with general aviation, commercial, and military airports since the 1940’s.  Interested?  Check out the links below to learn more and prepare your career for takeoff in an exciting and challenging industry!


Responsibilities include assisting with analyzing and preparing engineering reports, specifications, construction cost estimates, and plans for various airport design projects; performing drafting tasks in AutoCAD and Civil3D to generate plan sheets; assisting with construction administration tasks including working in the field at project sites (weekends and nights, as needed); and reading and interpreting FAA Advisory Circulars, geotechnical reports, and survey data to utilize in project designs. Some travel will be required.


Learn more about Mead & Hunt Mead & Hunt ( and the position we have for either our Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon offices Entry-Level Civil Engineer in Portland, Oregon | Careers at Portland (  Deadline to apply is Monday February 7, 2022.  Spring 2022 graduates are encouraged to apply.