Infrastructure Week 2019: Welcome UW CEE Students and Faculty!

As mentioned, I am reaching out to various colleges around Seattle to invite to students and faculty to attend Infrastructure Week 2019 Kick-off, Monday 5/13 at Optimism Brewing in Capital Hill. In addition to this evening of networking and informative presentations/discussions, my organization, Utility² is hosting (3) facility tours Tues/Weds/Thurs the same week. For faculty, this is a good opportunity to share their experiences and learn a bit more about Seattle’s infrastructure challenges/solutions; for students, this may be a great opportunity for exposure to various industry sectors and career networking! The events are FREE, and details below:

Infrastructure Week is a nation-wide week of events, media coverage, with education and advocacy efforts to elevate infrastructure as a critical issue impacting all Americans. For Seattle, Utility² is shifting the focus of the local IW events to showcase our city’s infrastructure-related projects and initiatives; primarily how investing in, and carefully planning long-term development strategies have directly benefited our communities, regional ecosystems, and remain imperative to the sustainability of our Modernity. Our targeted audience is diverse; anyone having a vested interest in planning, designing, building, maintaining, managing assets, or establishing policy/programs within our public infrastructure and utility services. Our goal is to provide an excellent opportunity for public engagement and awareness, exhibiting projects, initiatives, opportunities, while humanizing such efforts within our cities! More information/details can be read on the attached flyer, RSVP & Eventbrite page, or at


Additionally, I mentioned a jobs mixer being held by the Northwest Association of Environmental Professionals, Weds 5/8 at Elephant & Castle. Event info found here:


I would sincerely appreciate circulating the event information and IW-2019 flyer around the various engineering departments, so that interested students and faculty can join the Infrastructure Awareness Movement to help solve some critical issues of urbanization in Seattle, and so many cities alike. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!



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