NASA Applied Sciences grant to drive innovation in water resources management

The NASA Applied Sciences Program recently awarded Faisal Hossain, CEE associate professor, with a four year, $1.48 million grant for improving the capacity of South Asian nations for sovereign water resources management using satellite and geodetic remote sensing. Dr. Hossain received the grant for his proposal titled “Towards Operational Water Resources Management in South Asia Exploiting Satellite Geodetic and Remote Sensing Technologies.”

Dr. Hossain and his team aim to empower South Asian nations to independently manage their water resources by 2019 using satellite tools and modeling systems developed at the University of Washington, which will be transferred via capacity building efforts. The systems and tools will involve a combination of basic research on hydrologic monitoring to overcome conventional hurdles, assimilating user feedback from water agencies, and iteratively design intuitive and robust tools that can be independently operated without long-term incubation.

Using new satellite sensors, these tools will reduce operating costs for managing water and allow long-range forecasting of water availability and flooding. Consequently, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh will be able to make independent, better and earlier decisions to improve their resiliency to the forces of nature.

Credit: Cheryl Marland, CC 2.0

Credit: Cheryl Marland, CC 2.0

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