PacTrans Support for Students to Attend TRB Annual Meeting

TRB 94th Annual Meeting – Washington DC January 10‐15, 2015

PacTrans is pleased to offer support to UW graduate students to attend the annual TRB meeting in Washington, D.C.

To apply: For consideration, please send an e‐mail to including the title of the paper you will be presenting as the primary author at the TRB by Tuesday, December 2, 2014.

Support: PacTrans will pay two‐thirds of a student’s costs (up to $700).

Eligibility: Applicants must be either current or recently graduated students in good standing in a UW graduate program for consideration. They must also be the primary author of a paper accepted at the TRB conference.

Required of All Funding Recipients: All recipients of PacTrans funding are expected to include the PacTrans logo and name on their TRB poster and/or presentation slides.

Conference Registration: Please visit the TRB website to register online as soon as possible. Visit the above TRB meeting link to do so.

Hotel Reimbursement: PacTrans will reimburse students for a maximum of 3 nights. The per diem rate for January 2015 in Washington, D.C. is $177 for lodging. We expect that students will room together (2 to a room). Please work with other students traveling to the meeting to arrange your rooming situations. If you stay alone in a room we will still only reimburse 50 percent of the room. Because you will be sharing a room with someone, one person can pay the room cost, but some hotels will split the cost between two credit cards.

Airfare Reimbursement: PacTrans will reimburse only for airfare costs to and from Washington DC. The reimbursement will be no more than the UW contracted airfare rate: Currently $350 (one way) from Seattle to Reagan National Airport, DC. Side trips taken to destinations other than Washington DC will not be reimbursed.  Do not combine personal travel with your TRB airfare.

Other Transportation: PacTrans will only reimburse you for transportation to and from the airport and your hotel.

Reimbursement: airport/hotel transportation reimbursement will be made for the metro bus OR airport shuttle service OR airport parking; however the parking reimbursement will not exceed the cost of taking the shuttle. We do not reimburse for taxi fees or other modes of transportation while in DC. Keep receipts.

Meals: You do not need to provide receipts for your meals/food purchases. But please keep in mind that the daily maximum meal reimbursement is $71.00/day for 3 days only unless you are provided a meal during your trip.  For example, airline meal, etc.

Please submit your receipts for reimbursement to Finance in the PacTrans office in More 112 within ONE week of your return. You will need to provide the PacTrans office with the following documentation:

  1. TRBregistrationreceipt showing the confirmation of payment
  2. Original hotel receipt. (Remember you should have either split the room cost at the hotel, or one person has paid.)
  3. Original airline ticket showing the confirmation of payment AND the dates and times of your travel
  4. Receipts for any approved transportation to/from airport and hotel (metro, bus, shuttles, etc.)
  5. Please write at least one paragraph about your trip to TRB so that we may include it in the PacTrans Newsletter and/or on the center’s website. Photographs are always appreciated.

Questions?  Please contact Maria Bayya (

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