Phone Scam Targeting International Students

We’ve been made aware of a phone scam targeting our international students, particularly those from India.  The caller informs the student that taxes are owed and threatens arrest. The call may sound legitimate because the caller provides an “officer” name and badge number, or offers to transfer the call to someone posing as a consular official.

Please note that the legitimate Internal Revenue Service does not collect funds by phone.  If you receive such a call, please do not give the caller any bank information.  You can check with us in ISS if you have concerns or questions.

Here is a web site from the IRS about the scam:

The UW police advise (and this is if you actually get the call, not a voicemail message):

—If you are able to identify a phone number, write it down.

—Ask the person for a name and (if posing as a police officer) a badge number.

—Tell the caller that you know that this is a scam phone call and you are writing down as much info as you are able to extract in order to notify the appropriate authorities.

—Call the representative office (for example, King County Sheriff’s Office, UW Police Department, IRS) immediately after the phone call and report the fraudulent call.

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