PhD Requirement Changes

There have been a couple of changes to the PhD requirements which was approved by the faculty at the last faculty meeting. They will go into effective immediately.

The coursework requirement has been changed to 54 credits (from 60), and can include 30 + from the master’s degree, 3 CEE seminar credits and 3 credits of CEE 600 – Independent study.   

In the past, 9 coursework credits outside the department was required to ensure students receive a well-rounded education, taking courses outside their research topic. It will now be up to the supervisory committee (excluding the GSR) to determine if the student is meeting that requirement.  It is recommended that PhD students form their committee early in the program and discuss their curriculum with their committee.  

If you have not yet taken the General Exam, the Breadth of Study Approval form should be signed by your committee at your Exam. I will print it out and include it with other paperwork your committee will need.

If you have taken the General Exam, the “Breadth of Study Approval Form” will not be required – you are considered grandfathered in with the old requirement of Minimum 9 credits outside CEE, if you have already met that requirement.

These forms are also available on our website on the current PhD student page:

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting the revised requirements, or think your situation is unique and would like to meet to discuss, please make an appointment on my Google calendar:

I also suggest you discuss any concerns you might have with your faculty advisor.


Lorna Latal
Graduate Program Advisor



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