CareerWISE: An online coach for graduate women in STEM

The CareerWISE laboratory would like to introduce you to the newly expanded CareerWISE resilience training programCareerWISE is an evidence-based and freely available online resource that assists women in science and engineering fields to progress through their PhD programs and prepare for future career environments. Developed at Arizona State University with the generous support of the National Science Foundation, the program is the first of its kind – an online, anytime coach customized for women pursuing PhDs in STEM fields.

Since its first release with a 2010 press conference at NSF, CareerWISE has been used by tens of thousands of individuals in over 130 countries.  Its effectiveness in strengthening resilience, self-efficacy, problem solving, and interpersonal communication skills, all linked to persistence in education and careers, has been demonstrated in key studies, including nationwide randomized controlled trials.

Some details and benefits to students using the CareerWISE resource:

  • Develops specific skills related to self-understanding, personal and interpersonal problem solving, and communication.
  • Highlights skills in the context of four common concerns: strengthening working relationships with advisors, juggling academic and personal commitments, navigating a climate that can be unfriendly to women and managing delays and setbacks that are common in the course of pursuing research.
  • Offers interactive, live actor-based simulations to practice interpersonal communication skills for Active Listening, Self-Expression, and Receiving and Responding to Feedback.
  • Features over 180 HerStory video clips from interviews with women who have successfully navigated the hurdles of graduate school in a variety of STEM fields.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the CareerWISE resource and recommend it to your students in your program. Attached is a recent news column that features CareerWISE and a brief guide that highlights popular sections of the resource. Please help us share the CareerWISE resource by forwarding this email to your students.

The CareerWISE team welcomes your questions and comments.  You can reach us at or check us out on Facebook.

Thank you from the CareerWISE team and,

Bianca L. Bernstein, PhD.
Professor, Counseling/Counseling Psychology
Arizona State University
Principal Investigator, CareerWISE

Jennifer M. Bekki, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,
Arizona State University
Co-Principal Investigator, CareerWISE


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